Life on the Farm

Less than 120km from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is the Lakeside town of Naivasha. The climb from the town towards the Aberdare ridges gives one a breath-taking experience – a beautiful road, beautiful sceneries, and a fast-approaching feeling of a cool climate. Benev Flora is located in this transitional zone at an altitude of 2060 Metres. This offers a conducive environment for the production of most outdoor varieties of flowers, which is evidenced by our high-quality flowers that compete extremely well in the market.

Our farm consists of a highly motivated workforce supported very closely by an enthusiastic management team. We have created a conducive working environment for everyone by upholding very high health and safety standards. We recently received an international award by ISTC (International Safety Training Centre). The award is awarded to only six companies every year, which is testament to our commitment to worker safety.