"Sustainability is about business continuity. It’s about setting your business up for the future, optimizing the use of utilities, water and energy and also how you treat your employees and succession planning"

Kylie Haromia of Way Bound Agritech Company. Reported by Floral Daily Magazine

Steps to Sustainability

1. LED Lighting System

We are replacing the high power consuming high-pressure sodium lamps with the LED flowering lamps. This reduces lighting power consumption by over 50%.

2. Plastic Mulch

  • Conserve soil moisture by reflecting away excess heat hence reducing irrigation water consumption
  • Maintains the bed structure by reducing soil erosion.

3. Shade nets

  • Prevents against excess heat during the hotter months which adversely affects the length of stems.

  • Anti-hail

  • Wind breakers to prevent leaf damage and stem bending

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We are accustomed to a culture of, at least annually, sending some of our staff members to visit children’s homes in the neighboring community as part of our commitment to charitable courses.

We have also funded a program conducted by an NGO that teaches teenage girls in our community about productive health.